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Jenifer Bartoli
A real artist came into the world on November 15, 1982 in Nice, France upon mother's delivery. Jenifer Dadouche Bartoli grew up tigether with her brother Jonathan which both took care of their parents Michel Dadouche and Christine Bartoli whom love and support was ridiculously can't be exchange of any wealth in the world. The family lives with fear in God and has pure heart , virtuous mind and modest breeding. They are really from good society in the community whom has respect in other people principles and culture & traditions. Her mother is part Corsican and part Spanish; her father is a Jewish-Algerian which wears no good. Jenifer in the middle of her work as an assistant in chemistry after secondary education surely decided to leave studies in which passion in music arrives. So, when the first opportunity came into her had accepted but wasn't a good start that made her moved place to Paris which is the country of lovers. Then began a new one that fortunately resulted a victory in the career which proven her acting as a real artist.
Jenifer don't know why but everytime she sees a guys smile with those sparkling teeth, she begin to melt inside like a candle burning and can't seem to get her stuff right & turn into a babbling idiot. She love the way handsome men shine and sparkle, and the way they protrude Jenifer's lips on the intimate time in which all can says is they are absolutely yummy. But she secretly could only DREAM of ever kissing someone with them. Her hope is that she can find a man with braces whom will have relationship someday. And commented that when it came she will be the happiest woman on earth.
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